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Posted- 3 years ago

How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021

Hybrid event management companies are those who are helping drive client events from inception to completion. These companies can handle all facets of hybrid events, and ensure they are executed as planned. With so many things that can go awry on the live and virtual ends of a hybrid event, an experienced management company can make sure everything is backed up, supported and has a plan B.

  • Finding a good caterer is essential to your party’s success, as food is one of the most important things attendees will remember after the party is over.
  • You can anticipate bright sunny days and beautiful beaches or perhaps a spa where you can relax after a whole day spent exploring the city.
  • After this, show gratitude and appreciation for the people who choose to engage and show up to the party.
  • Think a pre-release of a product that’s about to become hot, or a rare, foraged, seasonal mushroom handpicked by the chef herself.
  • Sure, it’s nice to perfectly recreate all those pictures you found on Pinterest, but if you don’t have the resources, don’t sweat!
  • We gathered a number of companies that are ready to handle all of your event needs.

For the better part of 2020, we had to self-isolate for our safety and that of those around us as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. For many of us, this was the first time we went to work from home full-time. People started new roles, and can probably count on one hand how many times they’ve seen their colleagues in person. Those of us who were regulars at after-work drinks at the pub on Tuesdays were suddenly drinking G&Ts at home with colleagues via Zoom. Most people fall into the more-is-more fallacy because when they put together their presentation, they think almost exclusively about the presentation itself (i.e., what to say and how to say it).

Namely, the convenience and flexibility of remote work with the dynamism and collaborative nature of meeting in person. Given that, an annual holiday party (whether that’s XMAS, end-of-year, or New Year) is just the ticket to immerse your employees in your company culture in a fun, non-professional setting.

Custom Ink on Facebook

Whether your next event is a quiet gathering or a huge reveal powered by virtual event software, you’re sure to find some theme ideas for your next event on this list. During the app’s launch, they decided to host a launch business party in a clubhouse, from 2-4 pm. Their best advice about launching business parties would be to set a budget when organizing a creative and fun event. Also, you should focus all your attention on your guests and how they would feel about the event. Few companies will be brave enough to offer a day of trash pickup as a fun company outing. But the repetitive physical activity provides plenty of room for deep conversations and team bonding. Plus, employees will get a feel-good high as they do something good for the community and the planet.

Choose one simple or inexpensive element to create a distinct “look” for a workspace without completely closing it off from the rest of the office. The designers of the office featured here made beams from palettes to create the look of a greenhouse. On a table, set out some bowls and small pieces of paper, plus lots of writing implements. Have employees make tent signs listing problems they’re trying to solve at work.


Perfect for… Developing employees by engaging in both work-related and non work-related learning. Perfect for… Companies whose clients and customers demand out-of-the-box thinking. Use simple materials, like decorated wooden frames, to convert open areas into smaller, customized workspaces. Place 1-2 privacy screens around clusters of desks to create inviting, half-open and half-closed meeting spaces. If you’re short on budget, brainstorm items you might use to add height to existing tables to turn them into standing desks. Groupon customers got to play a whimsical round of mini golf at a pop-up in New York City. PGA pros, like Graeme McDowell, were there to chat with attendees, play a round of golf, and attendees even got a chance to attend an exclusive PGA dinner later that evening.

  • You made an excellent point when you mentioned planning a field trip to any interesting museum, factory, or art gallery by chartering a bus for the employees.
  • Whether you’re moving to a new space or trying to improve an existing one, you can refresh your office by following a few simple tips and tricks.
  • Have expert event producers plan an unforgettable scavenger hunt.
  • Even if you have a small budget, try to find different ways to do things that might reduce the logistical costs so you can invest in what makes the party fun.
  • Bring picnic blankets, and set up tables with beverages and snacks to make the observation as much fun as the game play.
  • A significant component of this is their specialization in life science and pharmaceutical meetings, congresses and incentives.
  • You’re sure to find a vendor who can match your aesthetic, and many offer made-to-order services so you can get the words and the size you want.

Social media become your best friend when it comes to promoting product launch events . They are free to use, and people can share your posts creating a positive word of mouth and buzz around the party. Throw out the day-to-day lists and ask employees to brainstorm ideas designed to meet long-term, aspirational business objectives. Employees can work and present in teams, and the entire company can weigh in after each showcase with comments and suggestions. Ask a few Project Managers to record each idea for further consideration. Give employees a venue for showcasing their secret passions by turning your company outing into a star-studded talent show.

Last but not least… rely on your team

Getting a jump on all the other companies planning parties is a must. But early planning is about more than just getting the right venue. There are a lot of moving parts when in event planning, and it’s important to have all your ducks in a row well in advance so you can get to everything. Are you looking for a hybrid event management company to host your next event? We gathered a number of companies that are ready to handle all of your event needs. Learn more about 10 hybrid event management companies that will help get your next event from development and execution, to completion.

  • Ask a few Project Managers to record each idea for further consideration.
  • The main elements to consider when choosing a venue for an important event are the ambiance, the location, and the services and amenities.
  • By doing this, you will create an audience that is genuinely interested in what you offer.
  • White boards lining the office’s perimeter encourage the free flow of ideas; even if people aren’t working on the same projects, they can find inspiration in each other’s sketches.
  • Painting a mural gives companies a chance to work together to create lasting art that beautifies the community.

Invite other employees to put ideas on the pieces of paper and drop them into the bowls. This makes even introverted employees comfortable with sharing ideas. Not all kinds of work benefit from a constant buzz of activity. If your employees want quiet time, embrace their needs instead of following the trends of open floor plans. Scatter inexpensive standing laptop desks, like the ones from Ergodriven, around the new workspace. Standing desks are a great option for some employees who do not want to sit all day.

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See if you can find a local venue with a stage, or rent a platform and have your event outdoors. Take a minute and think about your personal “set”, webinars have evolved to have more intimacy and authenticity. We’re all at home and are getting a behind-the-scenes look into each other’s lives.

How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021

Webinar Management Software Monetize and enhance your online events and webinars. Event Management Software Plan, promote, execute, and evaluate all of your events. Membership Management Software Retain, engage, and grow your member community. So many clever ideas I hadn’t considered before, thanks for sharing.

Create opportunities for people to interact

An event is always a great place to extend your network connections. Guests can get to know each other, exchange business cards, and even share opinions about your product. You can build relationships with your audience, which could potentially be beneficial for the future, either for you or for them.

How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021

You made an excellent point when you mentioned planning a field trip to any interesting museum, factory, or art gallery by chartering a bus for the employees. My boss had appointed me to plan for our company trip this year which will be held by the end of this month. I think it would be great if I get a bus charter service and arrange an itinerary to visit all the local attractions.

Everyone is indulging in some holiday cheer, getting to know their co-workers, sharing drinks with their team members … Whether that’s a Secret Santa gift exchange or a present from the company, bringing it out at the right time can have a major “get-psyched” effect. For fear of stating the obvious, let’s not get into how office parties are great for team building, morale, and bringing employees closer together. They’ve always been one of the perks employees look forward to the most. But this year is a little different, as these bonding experiences become more important than they ever were before. Another way of turning your vacation into something unforgettable is by visiting different islands on a yacht tour.

How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021

It’s also recognized as one of the most influencial companies in the event industry. 21st Century has been working in the event industry for more than 28 years. It is specialized in delivering meaningful and unforgettable experiences to companies and guests. Partnering with professional speakers and influencers will make sure to bring a meaningful experience to your event. They should choose the most beneficial and interesting topic for the audience, so that it would be pleasing for the guests to hear the speech as well. Another great way to engage your guests and inspire them to try your product is to bring in keynote speakers.

Target Your Audience and Choose the Right People

This option will allow you to relax and enjoy nature at its best! It will be an experience that you won’t forget easily so you should try to book this type of tour while you’re in Hong Kong. You can choose to go on a day trip or simply book an overnight stay. It’s really up to you and it depends on how much time you have available for your vacation.

Not only insanely popular, but nothing markets your rebrand better than a cool customizable option from Gemnote, strategically placed on the coveted laptop. Event technology, and is an expert in reducing the digital gaps that many companies face today.

Entertain Guests With Sound

They hosted their launch party in a lake house, taking care of all the details herself. Their best advice would How To Make Your Next Company Outing Unforgettable In 2021 be to not focus too much on the details, find the purpose of the event and how you want to make people feel.

However, it’s also important to avoid focusing too much on the event venue. If the venue outshines the event’s purpose and the product, guests will only talk about the location. A launch party is a great opportunity to generate buzz about your product and show it off to potential customers. The key to organizing a successful one for your organization is having a thoughtful plan.

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