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March You Lady

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Post By- Zindagi Online
Posted- 2 years ago
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Bemoaning on the sapping of her strength,
Drenched with the lungs of despair,
Her ambivalence was fretted,
Loosely cladded hair was feverish.
The truths she advanced, were lies to them.
Perplexed and vexed beyond measure;
Encircling the cliffs of troubles,
The darkness of her heart was illuminated;
By the door of wisdom.
His grandeur voice came to her rescue-
“Crawl with me in the tides of dismay,
Walk away the dooms when the sun fades,
Run if it doesn’t gets easier,
But don’t let the shadows of turmoil‟s, cripple you.”
As wise says, “Be good and good will do you
Set forth in the land of ruins:
Dingy, Skeptical,Hollows of blues
Delight the touch with aired balloons
March you lady, where they trigger you in banishment
For ye illustrious soul is no less than goon

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