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Setting Free

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Post By- Zindagi Online
Posted- 2 years ago
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She expressed herself ,
While dancing on stage,
Feeling remorse, feeling hate,
Feeling to quit, from the ultimate fate…
To leave everything, in search of grace,
She danced through all, letting out her rage,
Soon she realized the bars of cage,
The only way to breakthrough, was letting it fade…
She danced until her body ached,
Gained everything back,
through patience n courage
her journey of a victim,
Victim of abuse,
of fighting it all,
and sailing through it.
She worked on forgiveness,
towards her and the guilty,
she started to let go,
For nothing, but serenity.
She expressed herself while dancing on stage,
Like a spirit set free out of its cage..
The audience applauded,
Her survival, she draped,
All eyes stunned in awe,
Watching her dancing like a flame..

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