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Office Purana

By- Nandlal Shrivastava

Colours of Love

By- Neha Rautela


Setting Free

She expressed herself , While dancing on stage, Feeling remorse, feeling hate, Feeling to quit, from the ultimate fate… To leave everything, in search of

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March You Lady

Bemoaning on the sapping of her strength, Drenched with the lungs of despair, Her ambivalence was fretted, Loosely cladded hair was feverish. The truths she

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The Rebel

His stooping frame now evoked pity. Gone were the days when he walked, With his head held high. His fiery words that once shook, The

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प्रतिशोध -मैथिलीशरण गुप्त

किसी जन ने किसी से क्लेश पाया नबी के पास वह अभियोग लाया। मुझे आज्ञा मिले प्रतिशोध लूँ मैं। नहीं निःशक्त वा निर्बोध हूँ मैं।

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Title- Colours of Love

Editor – Neha Rautela

No of Page- 217 Page

ISBN- 978-93-87507-22-7

Publication-Rock Pigeon Publication

Publication Year- 2020

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